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You do not have to hire a car accident attorney after a wreck, but in many cases doing so can help you get the compensation you deserve and eliminate some of the stress associated with a collision. Learning more about the tasks handled by a car accident attorney can help you determine if you need legal assistance. We’ve also included a few scenarios where you will most certainly benefit from a car accident attorney, if one of these applies to you, make an appointment for a free consultation today.



Picture the horrific aftermath of a car accident. Which injuries would you expect victims to endure? If you're like most people, you imagine whiplash, skull fractures, or herniated discs. To an extent, those expectations are justified; a report from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia indicates that car crashes are the leading cause of teenage deaths related to traumatic brain injury.

Unfortunately, because we tend to only look for head and spine injuries (or other major trauma such as broken bones) after an accident, we fail to notice seemingly small injuries that make a huge difference in our daily lives. A prime example? Carpal tunnel syndrome. Most people don't know that this injury can result directly from car accidents; they think of it as an overuse injury and therefore assume that it has developed over time. This misconception prevents many victims from obtaining the justice and monetary damages they deserve.


That quick text may not seem to take much time, but it takes your eyes off the road long enough to cause an accident. From the increased risk of accident to the difficulty that comes from trying to do too many things at once, here are just a few of the reasons texting and driving are dangerous.


If you are injured in a car crash, as a result of medical malpractice of from the carelessness of a manufacturer of a product or retailer everyone you know tells you to hire an experienced personal injury attorney. If you press them as to why they think you need one, they usually will answer “to sue them.” But there are many reasons to seek a personal injury lawyer's help. These include:


Are there insurance concerns with Uber ride-sharing? Yes, there is currently no Alabama law requiring ride-sharing drivers to carry insurance above and beyond traditional personal car insurance. There are issues to consider as the driver or a passenger in a ride-sharing arrangement.

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