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Traffic tickets are one of the most common offenses given by officers. In fact, according to an article from USA Today, over 125,000 people receive a traffic violation in the United States daily. Since traffic offenses happen so often, most people just pay the fine and go on their way. What they don’t know, is that paying the violation fine is technically an admission of guilt in a court-of-law. Multiple violations can even lead to license suspension.


There are situations when you know that you certainly need to hire a lawyer, such as a complex divorce or criminal charges. Then, there are times when it can be uncertain as to whether you need to hire a lawyer. This can be a confusing and stressful situation. It is essential to make sure you are in the best hands possible when dealing with legal matters. At Barfoot & Schoettker, we want to help guide you through the complex legal landscape and consider whether hiring a lawyer is the appropriate action for you.



Finding a lawyer that is the right choice for your specific needs is arguably the most important step before embarking on any legal process. Whether you’re fighting a DUI, starting a new business or addressing a personal injury claim, you need a trustworthy, experienced and passionate attorney to handle your legal matter and obtain the best result possible for you.


You need to be prepared to take time, conduct research and thoroughly consider your options before you select a lawyer for your specific case. Selecting the right lawyer from the overwhelming amount available can be difficult. The best place to start is to ask yourself what you want to achieve by hiring a lawyer and what your end goal is. Standing up for your rights, defending you or simply helping you - the nature of the situation can help you choose someone most appropriate.




It’s often frustrating and happens at the most inconvenient times, but the reality is that nearly everybody receives some form of traffic ticket at a stage in their life. Tickets are expensive, a nuisance and can cause more stress than is necessary when the individual chooses to contest the traffic ticket themselves in court. The results from representing yourself in court can often end up worse, as a driver may unintentionally harm their case. The driver may be unfamiliar with what details are most important to present and therefore focus on insignificant aspects. It is also not uncommon for the driver to present a version of events in a disorganized fashion. This is why when choosing to contest a traffic ticket, engaging a professional is usually the better option.




Driving on the road is something that cannot be avoided in Alabama if you want to be able to get around. However, driving comes with its own hazards that drivers need to be aware of. One of the most common types of crashes is one where one vehicle collides with another. According to the Alabama Department of Transportation, 71.8% of all crashes in 2017 fell under this accident category. This is a large portion of accidents and while you cannot avoid all crashes, you can take one simple and specific step to lessen the likelihood of an accident. That one thing is leaving a safe distance between cars while driving.


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