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Many people lack knowledge about how an attorney can help you in a case and what benefits they can bring to an unfortunate situation. Similarly, people often lack knowledge about whether it is appropriate to file a claim or lawsuit without a lawyer. People often have viable bases for a lawsuit but as they are unsure if they can file a claim themselves, and are concerned about attorney fees, they don’t follow through. This means that the situation can often go unaddressed and you may not be compensated in the way you deserve. We want to help you look at the benefits and risks associated with hiring a lawyer versus handling personal injury cases on your own.


Regardless of the type of accident -- rear-ended at a red light, side impact collision or riding a bicycle and getting clipped by a car -- being involved in a car accident is never a nice experience and can often cause pain and suffering. Many victims of car accidents need immediate medical attention at the scene, or need to be transported by ambulance to the hospital for monitoring and treatment. While others, sometimes try to deal with the pain on their own before seeking treatment from a doctor for symptoms that have arisen as a result of the accident.


Driving under the influence (DUI) is the offense of driving or operating a motor vehicle while affected by alcohol or other drugs (including recreational drugs or those prescribed by physicians), to a level that deems the driver unable to control a vehicle safely. Driving under the influence is considered a crime in every state due to the dangers it can pose on both the driver and others on the road. Because it is deemed a crime, DUI cases are handled in criminal court. All individuals charged with a DUI have the right to represent themselves, however most defendants hire a lawyer to ensure they get the best outcome possible.


Car accidents are an unfortunate and often traumatic experience. You may not be thinking clearly after an accident happens due to adrenaline and fear. However, when you get into a car accident there are some very important steps that need to be taken to ensure that each party involved is safe and that your insurance claim is secure.

At Barfoot & Schoettker, we want to be sure that in the unfortunate event of an accident, you are protected and that you follow the right steps to obtain the insurance claim you deserve.


Are you about to go through a personal injury case and don’t know what to expect? Knowing common personal injury terms is a vital way to help you better understand your case, the process and the outcomes that eventuate. While each personal injury case often differs in many ways, there are several terms that will be commonly used, regardless of the type of injury - for example: a workplace accident, motor vehicle accident or other negligent acts.

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