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Are there insurance concerns with Uber ride-sharing? Yes, there is currently no Alabama law requiring ride-sharing drivers to carry insurance above and beyond traditional personal car insurance. There are issues to consider as the driver or a passenger in a ride-sharing arrangement.

 A landmark $72 million in damages is highlighting the dangers of a common health and beauty aid marketed to women and babies – talcum powder. The 2016 case is bringing national attention to Johnson and Johnson’s talcum powder product and the damages it could cause anyone using it. The company was ordered to pay damages in the amount of $72 million to the family of a woman who contracted cancer and later died after using the product. Those still using this dangerous product are advised to seek medical treatment; while those who have experienced damages, or lost a loved one due to talcum powder use should seek the advice of a personal injury attorney.

If you’ve slipped and fallen inside a store, business or even someone’s home, that person or organization could be held responsibility for your injuries. Premises liability will depend on a variety of factors and will depend on whether the property owner or business took the correct amount of precautions and did enough to ensure your safety.

Roundup Linked to Cancer Causing non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

Roundup is the commercial name for the herbicide glyphosate, produced and distributed worldwide by Monsanto. In 2015, the International Agency for Research on Cancer identified this herbicide to be a probable human carcinogenic. Despite this finding, as well as additional studies, Monsanto denies this finding, as well as claims that it knew of this danger yet minimized this risk information.

A Case for Calm in the Gregory Gunn Murder

Aaron C. Smith, the Montgomery police officer who shot and killed Gregory Gunn, has been charged with murder. The incident occurred on February 25th at approximately 3:20 a.m. in the Mobile Heights neighborhood. 59-year-old Gunn was said to be walking to his mother’s house after visiting some friends. Aaron Smith, patrolling the community after a recent surge in crime, viewed Gunn’s behavior as suspicious and approached him. As Smith began to pat Gunn down to check for weapons, Gunn fled from the officer. From this point, however, the details become murky.

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