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Wrongful death claims occur when someone is killed due to another person's negligence or misconduct. Sadly, negligence is all too common in today's society. More than 190,000 people die each year as a result of someone else's careless acts.


You have been served, but it’s not from your waiter. Instead a random person shows up at your doorstep, hands you legal paperwork and says “you’ve been served.” Before you have the chance to comprehend what just happened, that person is gone and you are left with a stack of paperwork full of legal mumbo-jumbo.


A car accident, slip and fall or other unfortunate event, might feel like your world is turning upside down, but here at Barfoot and Schoettker we can help! Following a personal injury incident, you may wonder what the next step should be. A case evaluation with professionals like us will help to make certain you are taken care of and devise a proper plan to help acquire the correct compensation.


Thousands of freelance drivers roam the streets waiting for someone who needs a ride to work or the airport. The only requirements for these drivers is a valid driver’s license and a four-door vehicle no older than 15 years. Drivers on rideshare apps are not professionals, they are just average people looking for a source of income. 

With over 111 million monthly users, Uber has become a staple in today's society. People depend on rideshare apps to get them home safety after a night out, but what happens when that doesn’t happen?

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