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A car accident, slip and fall or other unfortunate event, might feel like your world is turning upside down, but here at Barfoot and Schoettker we can help! Following a personal injury incident, you may wonder what the next step should be. A case evaluation with professionals like us will help to make certain you are taken care of and devise a proper plan to help acquire the correct compensation.

Once you have made the decision to meet and schedule an appointment you may be wondering what all will be discussed and shared in the meeting. Coming prepared to a first consultation is best to ensure that your case will be taken care of urgently and correctly. This is what we recommend knowing before coming to meet with us:

Understand personal injury and what we do

Personal injury involves damage to the body, as well as the mind and emotions caused by someone else's intentional or neglectful acts. Incidents such as slip and falls, dog bites, automobile accidents and more can be the cause of this type of injury.

A personal injury lawyer can fight to make sure that you receive fair payment and are not taken advantage of by insurance companies and large corporations. By compiling evidence and forming a plan to approach your specific situation, an experienced lawyer will be able to represent and present your personal injury case appropriately.

Bring everything

Like almost anything in life, it is best to be over than under prepared, and that applies to a free consultation with us! When learning about your specific situation and forming the foundation of a case, bringing any information, documents or evidence that might be helpful is vital. We suggest the following documents to pack:

  • Photographs and self taken notes of the injury or accident

  • Medical documents including X-rays, MRI’s and appointment visit notes

  • Retrieve any accident and police investigation reports

  • Witness contact information and statements

  • Any tickets or citations

While every piece of paper that you bring might not be investigated in detail at the initial meeting, it helps your personal injury lawyer to understand the incident and begin to build a portfolio of evidence.

Come with questions

Just as we will have plenty of questions for you, we know that you will be curious about us and our process. We will explain everything we believe and value along with the services we offer that best suit your needs, but having questions prepared so that you are not left wondering about anything is important. Questions that might help put your mind at ease include:

  • What are the next steps?

  • How long have you been in the business?

  • Have you dealt with cases similar to mine?

Choosing the best lawyer for your needs can be a daunting task, but we can ensure that if your case is taken on you are our top priority.

Prepare to discuss fees and next steps

It's important for you and your personal injury lawyer to be on the same page throughout the entire process. As the consultation nears the end the discussion of fees, court costs and more will occur. Understanding your and the lawyers expectations will help avoid any unnecessary speedbumps. 

Once you have decided on your personal injury lawyer, paperwork will follow. A contract and documents allowing personal representation are needed for the professional to fight for your case while you recover.

Besides paperwork, the next steps to start approaching your case in detail will be explained. Scheduling the following meeting, timelines for you to expect and additional materials that may be needed will also be talked through.

Here at Barfoot and Schoettker we have years of experience in cases ranging from personal injury to wrongful death. From the first meeting at the free consultation to the moment your case is closed, we are here to stand up for you every step of the way.

With us you are not just another number, you are a unique client. If you are the victim of a personal injury, contact us today for a no obligation free consultation.

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