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When something bad happens, you expect your insurance, the thing you pay hundreds of dollars for each month, to compensate you properly. Whether you get into a car wreck, your house burns down or you slip and fall, insurance companies begin to pinch pennies leaving you to fend for yourself. 

It is not uncommon for companies to misrepresent policies and claims to give you the short end of the stick. According to the AARP, 200 million insurance claims out of the 1.4 billion submitted yearly are denied. 

Handling an insurance claim by yourself can be frustrating. Simpler claims can usually be handled without an insurance lawyer, but with claims that have more at stake, you need someone to advocate for you. 

You will be more likely to need legal help with claims that you and the insurance adjuster do not agree on. Larger, expensive claims, such as damage to your house or claims where fault is hard to establish. With these complex claims, there tends to be a lot of miscommunication when trying to get information from insurance companies making an already confusing situation even more confusing. 

Before you decide to take on a powerful insurance company by yourself, take a look at the benefits of hiring a lawyer for your insurance claim.

Boost Your Chances of Success

An experienced insurance lawyer has the knowledge about what it takes to win these types of cases. Your chances of winning your claim without proper representation is significantly lower than without.

Not having a lawyer may end up costing you more. Attorneys come fully equipped with knowledge of the law to give you the leg up against insurance companies. A lawyer is going to present your best case and knows how to challenge evidence. 

When you hire an attorney, they will examine your insurance policy to determine your coverage and any payouts. Then, they will conduct a thorough investigation, audits and other documents to settle your claim dispute and ensure proper compensation. 

Put the Stress on the Attorneys… It’s Their job!

You have already gone through something traumatic, the last thing you need is any more added stress. Insurance companies have made filing claims a daunting and time consuming task. When you hire an insurance lawyer, they will carry the weight on their shoulders making your life easier. 

The law is not meant to be handled alone. Lawyers are legally responsible to put your needs before themselves, and you can have peace of mind knowing that you have someone in your corner who has your best interest in mind. 

Insurance Lawyers Know What They Are Doing

Becoming a skilled lawyer is not an easy task. It takes five to seven years of rigorous coursework to receive the title, not to mention the extensive field experience then required to become a successful lawyer. Lawyers who specialize in insurance law handle these claims on a daily basis and are well versed in any and all issues that may arise. 

Having an experienced professional on your side who knows that they are doing will help you take on these powerful insurance companies. What insurance companies don’t tell you is that in most cases, the representation of a lawyer results in significantly more compensation for victims, even after factoring in attorney fees. 

Free Consultation

When you have been taken advantage of by your insurance company, and you believe you have been mistreated and denied reasonable coverage, it is important to have an experienced insurance law attorney on your side.

At Barfoot & Schoettker we offer free consultation and ensure effective representation with exceptional results. We stand up to the powerful insurance companies, with their seemingly limitless resources and large stables of lawyers. If you need help conquering these giants, call us at (334) 834-3444, or request a free electronic case evaluation.

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