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It’s often frustrating and happens at the most inconvenient times, but the reality is that nearly everybody receives some form of traffic ticket at a stage in their life. Tickets are expensive, a nuisance and can cause more stress than is necessary when the individual chooses to contest the traffic ticket themselves in court. The results from representing yourself in court can often end up worse, as a driver may unintentionally harm their case. The driver may be unfamiliar with what details are most important to present and therefore focus on insignificant aspects. It is also not uncommon for the driver to present a version of events in a disorganized fashion. This is why when choosing to contest a traffic ticket, engaging a professional is usually the better option.



An attorney can present and argue your case in an objective manner, which may result in a lower fine - making a big difference in the amount you need to pay. An attorney may even be able to get the case dismissed and the ticket thrown out which helps keep your insurance rates at the same level and avoids needing to attend traffic school, among other penalties.


According to Statistic Brain, 41 million people receive speeding tickets annually and $6 billion is paid out in speeding tickets each year. There are many violations above and beyond speeding, all varying in severity. You do not always need a traffic lawyer to represent you to fight a traffic ticket, but it is often beneficial, especially if you are uncertain about the situation and the proceedings. For very serious traffic violations an attorney should always be engaged to help you present your case and obtain the best result possible.


Below are our key reasons as to why a lawyer is beneficial, regardless of the traffic violation:


Ability to Dismiss or Lower Ticket Penalties


Traffic tickets are an unwanted expense, but they can also result in points accumulating on your driver's license and which can lead to suspension or, affect your insurance premium which ultimately leads to further expenses. Tickets can very quickly add up and hurt your bank account, which is why an attorney is beneficial to help you contest the penalty, or explain your circumstances in court. They may be able to use your good driving record as a reason for why your ticket should be reduced, or they might find another reason that convinces the judge that reducing your ticket is a good idea. This is something you likely won’t be able to do on your own. An attorney has the professional experience that is needed to get the judge to lower your penalty or even dismiss it entirely.


An Attorney can Often Make a Court Appearance on Your Behalf


Often, you might be in a different city for business or vacation when you encounter the unfortunate experience of receiving a traffic ticket. By hiring a local lawyer, they are usually authorized to make a court appearance on your behalf. This saves you time and further repercussions if you are unable to get back to the location where the offence occurred. Furthermore, a lawyer will present a well-organized defense on your behalf - one that is likely to be much more effective than what the driver could present on their own.


Offers Professional Advice


Above all, a lawyer is a professional, with extensive knowledge of the law and traffic laws. They know the situation and likely outcomes better than anybody as it is their job to do so. You might be able to get advice from friends or family, but no advice is going to be as helpful or accurate as that from a lawyer. An attorney pays attention to the unique details of your situation, goes through the course of events with you and helps you make the most informed decision possible. A lawyer will listen to the facts before analyzing your legal position. Regardless of the traffic violation, when you go through all of these details with an attorney, they have the ability to determine your legal position and provide guidance on how to proceed with contesting the traffic ticket.


It’s Probably Less Expensive Than You Think


When people think of the term “lawyer”, they assume there are significant financial ties related to the service. This is not always the case. Traffic ticket cases take up much less time than more severe cases, meaning that lawyer rates for this type of offence are often quite reasonable. There would be no point hiring a lawyer if the costs were going to exceed what your traffic ticket is - which is why lawyers make it more affordable. The cost of hiring an attorney is likely worth it if your fine is heavily lowered or dismissed altogether. You will be out of pocket less than what you initially thought you would be.


Don’t risk fighting your traffic violation on your own as the end result might become even worse than what you began with. Hiring a lawyer to help you take the appropriate steps to present your case in court is the best possible option, giving you a greater chance of lowering the ticket penalty or dismissing it completely. It is never anybody’s intention to violate a traffic law but sometimes there are circumstances beyond our control that may lead us into legal trouble. At Barfoot & Schoettker we want our clients to be involved in the decision making process and to have a full understanding of how the law affects their case. We vow to act quickly and with care in resolving your violation before it garners a larger negative impact on your life. Contact us today via our online form or call (334) 834-3444 to discuss your situation and see how we can help you.

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