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Are there insurance concerns with Uber ride-sharing? Yes, there is currently no Alabama law requiring ride-sharing drivers to carry insurance above and beyond traditional personal car insurance. There are issues to consider as the driver or a passenger in a ride-sharing arrangement.

Generally, personal car insurance will not cover a ride-share driver in the event of a wreck. Personal auto insurance policies typically exclude coverage when using a vehicle as a business service. If a ride-sharing driver has only their personal automobile insurance, he or she may be personally liable for damages caused. Ride-sharing drivers should check with their insurance company and/or their insurance agent to make sure they have coverage before taking on any passengers.

Similarly, if a passenger is involved in a wreck caused by the ride-sharing driver with only personal automobile insurance, the drivers insurance most likely will not cover you as the passenger. Uber typically provides coverage, but you want to do your research to be sure you are covered. Before you ride make sure there is coverage for you, if the driver negligently causes and accident. Additionally, you should check with your insurance agent to determine what type of coverage you have on your personal policy that may cover you if a wreck occurs. Be safe and educated on the risks of driving or riding with these cutting edge services.

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