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If you’ve slipped and fallen inside a store, business or even someone’s home, that person or organization could be held responsibility for your injuries. Premises liability will depend on a variety of factors and will depend on whether the property owner or business took the correct amount of precautions and did enough to ensure your safety.

Did the owner or their employees know there was a danger? If the owner of the premises was aware of the danger but did nothing to improve the situation or protect visitors, they could be held responsible for your accident. Whether you slip on water left standing inside a retail store doorway or fall into an open access hatch that has not been properly secured and roped off, the owner or operator of the establishment has not taken reasonable precautions to protect guests or visitors.

Did the employees or owner actually cause the danger? Spills, broken fixtures and other hazards need to be cleaned up promptly. If the store or business owner does not attend to hazards promptly, they could be held responsible for your injuries.

Did the business repair a known problem correctly? If the location in question has had a known hazard, from a broken railing to overly hot water in the bathroom, has the owner truly made a good faith effort to repair it? Sticking a railing that people depend on for safety back into place with duct tape may make it look better, but it will still be incredibly treacherous to anyone visiting the location. A bad repair may make a slip or fall worse; if the repair is purely cosmetic and causes the location to look safe, a visitor will not notice the danger until it is too late.

The primary determining factor in a slip and fall case is liability – did the establishment do enough to recognize a danger and did they respond in a reasonable amount of time to correct that hazard.

If you’ve been injured in a fall at a place of business or other setting, a personal injury attorney can help sort out the details and ensure that you are being treated fairly. If the business or property owner is to blame, your attorney can also help pursue compensation for your injuries.

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