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Wrongful Death

Every year, it is estimated 98,000 people are killed from preventable medical errors. Wrongful death is a type of claim where another person can be held liable for your loved one’s death. These types of claims are often committed due to negligence. Losing a loved one is a tragic event and it might be comforting to know there is support from your local law firm. Wrongful death cases can shock the family and friends of the deceased and Barfoot and Schoettker Law is here to help you understand the support you have access to.

One of the hardest parts when dealing with a wrongful death case is not receiving the compensation you deserve. There is no amount of money that can bring back what was lost, but there are many ways to receive support.

Wrongful death claims can include:

  • Car, plane, and boating accidents
  • Medical malpractice resulting in death
  • Exposure to hazardous conditions
  • Workplace accidents
  • Liability accidents

Support from a Personal Injury Lawyer

After the loss of a loved one, the mourning families need time to heal together. This can be hard with the copious amounts of paperwork and claims with wrongful death. A personal injury lawyer will be able to support you during this hard time and will take care of the tedious paperwork. By offering free consultations, lawyers are able to show that they truly support and care about the well-being of their clients. A good personal injury lawyer will not close the case until they are sure you are satisfied with their work. At Barfoot and Schoettker, our attorneys always have your best interest in mind.

Support from the State of Alabama

When evaluating the damages for a wrongful death case, the State of Alabama only allows you to recover punitive damages. This can be challenging to evaluate and difficult for the loved one to process. In Alabama, the award of punitive damages is based on the facts surrounding the wrongful acts of the defendant and the loss of financial support the deceased provided to others. Therefore, the law focuses on the acts of the defendant and the financial support provided by the deceased. This is a way the state of Alabama shows support, making sure that the deceased is accurately represented.

When You Can File

In Alabama, the personal representative of the estates of the deceased is the only one that can file a claim. Certain members of the deceased family have the priority to be the personal representative for the first six-month. After the expiration of six months, any adult can file with the Probate Court to be the personal representative of the estate.

You have two years after the date of the person’s death to file a wrongful death lawsuit in Alabama. Therefore, the sooner you take action, the better. Two years seems like a long time, but once you miss that deadline, you are unable to receive compensation for the loss of a loved one. At Barfoot and Schoettker, we never want to see you denied the compensation you deserve.

How We Can Help

Located in the capital of Alabama, we are readily able to represent clients throughout the entire state. Our attorneys cater their cases specifically to each client. Looking at needs and even personalities, we build a genuine relationship with each of our clients. Because our company believes in honesty and integrity, we will make sure you understand your case and what to accurately expect. Our attorneys will not sugarcoat the situation, but they are able to understand how to take care of the client correctly.

Barefoot and Schoettker law firm has extensive experience with wrongful death cases. The partners recognize that no amount of money can replace the loss of a loved one. Another way the law firm shows support to the families is by offering free consultations. Barfoot and Schoettker will never settle your case without making sure you are satisfied with their work.

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