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Talcum Powder Talcum Powder

As many as 2,200 cases of ovarian cancer diagnosed each year may have been caused by regular use of talcum powder.  Talc is a material composed of various elements including magnesium, silicon and oxygen.  Talc is ground to make talcum powder which is used to absorb moisture and is widely available in various products including baby powder and adult products including body and facial powder.  Talc products used regularly in the genital area could increase the risk of ovarian cancer if the powder were to travel through the vagina, uterus and fallopian tubes to the ovaries.  A jury recently found consumer health products manufacturer Johnson & Johnson knew of the cancer risks associated with its talc products but failed to warn consumers.

The first record of harmful effects of talc on human tissue was established in the 1930's.  In 1971 researchers discovered talc particles on 75 percent of ovarian tumors they examined.  Additionally, in the 70's the FDA required talcum powders to be asbestos-free by law.  In the 1980's reports showed that accidental inhalation of baby powder by infants could lead to serious illness or death.  In the 1990's research determined that regular application of talcum powder to a female's genital area increased the likelihood of developing ovarian cancer.  In 2003 the Anticancer Research journal published a large scale review of various reviews, stating that there was a 33 percent increased risk of ovarian cancer with long-term use of talcum powder products.  In recent years including 2016 juries have awarded millions of dollars to women who have developed ovarian cancer after using Johnson & Johnson products containing talcum powder. 

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