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Malpractice means negligence by a professional. A doctor or hospital can be sued for failing to order tests, missing a diagnosis, delaying treatment or other unreasonable conduct which causes injury to a patient. Malpractice cases are almost always very hotly contested. Doctors rarely will admit they have done wrong - and can almost always find a colleague to defend their professional judgment. Law firms accepting malpractice cases must invest substantial time and lots of money to help prove that the care (or lack of it) caused the patients bad outcome.

We agree that the medical profession is, and ought to be, an admired profession. We think people should be able to trust that their injuries or illnesses will not be exacerbated by a health care provider who is negligent. The fact is, most health care is practiced without error. Doctors do make people well. Nurses do provide comfort, compassion, and relief of suffering. Hospitals are places where most people go to get well and come home better, not worse.

However, physicians make mistakes; they get tired; they're too busy; they misdiagnose; they over medicate. Our attorneys think it is important that the health care profession be held accountable. Medical malpractice lawsuits are one way of ensuring that when a doctor, a nurse, or other medical caregiver, at a hospital, a clinic, or a nursing home, does cause someone harm, that harm is justly compensated.

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