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Finance Fraud Finance Fraud

Financial fraud law covers legal issues involving your financial and investment affairs. As the economy lags and unemployment climbs, new headlines of financial fraud are published every day. If you feel you have been a victim of fraud relating to your financing a house, financing a car, purchasing investment or other related issues you should contact a lawyer to investigate this matter further. Our lawyers have experience in uncovering a variety of fraudulent schemes and would be willing to investigate any potential case you may have to determine if there is any liability on the part of the offending party.

Our firm is prepared to handle cases involving claims for loss due to:

  • Real estate and mortgage fraud involving property flips, fraudulent titles and property transactions, quiet title actions, and adverse possession
  • Corporate fraud involving manipulation of financial data — cooked books, artificial inflation of stock value during a merger or acquisition, and accounting schemes
  • Ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes
  • Employee dishonesty, including accounting fraud, embezzlement, and misdirection of funds

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